Terms And Conditions

We appeal you to kindly go through the Terms and Conditions for this Bus portal carefully before start using the site, as you would be agreeing the Terms and Conditions once you start entering into the site. If you don’t have an inclination to be confined by the Terms and Conditions of the bus portal, then you will not have a chance to look through the information now or never.


If there is any chance to be any kind of circumstances in the Terms and Conditions then that would be appropriate right at the moment the Terms & Conditions have been put up on the site. So, the users are asked to check these T & C over and over as they may change from time to time.

Copyright, Licenses Ideas and Intellectual Property:

The information has been fortified by the Trademark and international Copyright Laws.

The following are the points that the user will have to adhere – An individual CANNOT in any circumstances:

1. Post, 2. Distribute, 3. Publicize, 4. Upload, 5. Replicate, 6. Copy, 7. Alter,

All the above circumstances are covered by the Code, Text, Illustrations et all.

Counter Claim:

If the users stand to break any of the agreements of the bus portal, then they will have to compensate not only to this portal but also to the 3rd party personal.

Third Party Power:
  • If any damage arises because of the user unknowingly or knowingly, then they will be held responsible.
  • On the other hand, they will be constrained to pay for the same.
  • Bring to Close:
  • The agreement of Terms and Conditions can be terminated at any point of time with or without notice for “x” reason.
  • This would cause if there is any break by any of the parties.
Governing Law:
  • The Terms and Conditions agreement shall be under the management of and according to the Laws of India.
  • Hereby you agree that any action would be fetched exclusively in the federal state or the court in India.
  • Also the bus portal has a chance to hand over the rights of the agreement to the other party at any point of time without any notice given to the user.

Thus, the users have to pay an attention to the Terms and Conditions before they start looking for the stuff.