Privacy Policy

Here the Privacy Policy page notifies the users of the policies concerning the Utilize, Divulgence or Collecting the personal information that we acquire when the users visit our website. Personal Information that is revealed by the user is only used to increase the standards of the site. Whenever you happen to make use of our site, then you have to give your consent to the site for use and also the gathering the particulars of individuals.

Cookies – are they applicable?

The Cookies are nothing but files which consists a little amount of data. It comprises of an unknown identifier which is very distinctive. The cookies are generally stored in the computer’s hard drive and forwarded from a website. Even the bus portal uses the cookies like the other sites do. Furthermore the user can turn down the cookies, but this could hamper the download or the ability to view the information.

Log statistics:

The bus portal collects the information that is sent by the browser, like the other websites do. The data comprises of the following: IP (Internet Protocol) Address, Browser Type, Browser Version and so forth. For a safe future:

We will have to remember that whatever data is taken by the people, there are still loopholes when it comes to “Security” particularly the things that are interrelated to the internet. We make an effort to provide security to the offensive subjects.


The bus portal believes to be "in sync" with the changing times, so goes with the Privacy Policy. We would be assessing the users about any changes that might have taken place in the Privacy Policy time to time. We recommend you to keep checking the Privacy Policy every time.