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SourceDestinationBus operatorBus typeArrivalDeparture
PuneGangaKhedsharma travels (nanded)-(borivali)A/c07-00 AM10-00 PM
PuneGangaKhedSavera Travels (Prasanna Purple)2x1 Air suspension Non Ac Sleeper04-00 AM07-00 PM
PuneGangaKhedraj tour and travel-golden express 2x1Non A/c06-00 AM09-00 PM
PuneGangaKhedsharma travels (nanded)-(deccan queen)A/c07-00 AM09-00 PM
PuneGangaKhednoor travels-(Royal Comfort exp)Non A/c06-00 AM08-00 PM
PuneGangaKhednoor travels-(Amber-cool queen)Non A/c06-00 AM08-00 PM
PuneGangaKhedsharma travels (nanded)-(sachkhand express)Non A/c07-00 AM10-00 PM
PuneGangaKhedsharma travels (nanded)-(nanded express)Non A/c06-00 AM09-00 PM
PuneGangaKhedshri sairam travels-(amber cool queen)Non A/c06-00 AM09-00 PM
PuneGangaKhedPrasanna [RedLiner] (Prasanna Purple)2x1 Non AC Sleeper- REDLINER05-00 AM08-00 PM
PuneGangaKhednoor travels-noor-tayalNon A/c07-00 AM09-00 PM
PuneGangaKhednoor travels-night queenNon A/c07-00 AM09-00 PM
PuneGangaKhedPrsanna(Intercity) (Prasanna Purple)New Brand 2x1 Ac Sleeper With TV Facility04-00 AM07-00 PM
PuneGangaKhedraj tour and travel-(flying fairy)Non A/c04-00 AM07-00 PM
PuneGangaKhedPrasanna(HKGN Liner) (Prasanna Purple)New Brand 2x1 Ac Sleeper With TV Facility06-00 AM09-00 PM
PuneGangaKhedraj tour and travel-(noya exp.-2x1)A/c05-00 AM08-00 PM