About Us

This portal is one of the biggest sites in India, which provides information about the busses and flights. This site offers business mapping arrangements of all states & urban areas and the topical guide pictures of India, its union domains, states, regions and urban areas. We give accommodating data to the users – about what are the transports and flights traversing India, their timetables and the course outline.

We understood that the web would turn into the following medium of mass use after the development of TV, few IT wise business people rose out of IT as well as non-IT organizations together from Compare Infobase Limited.

Those were early days; Yahoo was the lord in web crawlers and entries. India on the Internet was constrained, and maps on India were mysteriously absent. Yahoo's registry on India did not have a sub-index on maps and less than 2000 India particular locales were recorded on Yahoo. We build up an index structure inside of Yahoo's India subdirectory.

The goal was to turn into an industrial facility that created Internet locales, on any subject and at all value ranges, for the Indian market. We also provide the data about the transport administrators, travel timings, the separation between the source and destination with the assistance of maps, distance calculator and flight plans in India.